Born and raised in 1990 in Moshav Tomer, Jordan Valley, Israel.
I started off my passion for music in the early age of 13
by playing the drums.

After my military service, I realized that music was my life
and went to study for a Bachelor’s degree in music
at Ono Academic College Kiryat Ono, Israel.
At this point, I started running my business MatanGoldMusic.

In the year of 2014 till 2017, I began to take my
knowledge into teaching drums, guitar and piano;
having in total more than 60 students between
the ages of 7-50 years old.
Furthermore in the same year, I opened my own
recording studio and started working as a producer.

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in 2018,
I decided to move to Berlin to start a new life with more
and bigger opportunities for my career.

Not knowing what’s in store,
I started playing as a percussionist with many
different international artists and bands in many
Berlin bars and venues.
Keeping my love for teaching in place,
I taught kids and other musicians drums, percussions,
guitar and piano all around Berlin.

My motive for the next 10 years is to stand right next to my hardworking students,
take part in as many amazing live shows as a drummer,
producing beats and songs for many talented artists
in Berlin, and just keep doing what I love – music.


man playing music instruments



Hit me up with any question, thought or just for a chat!

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