Ansan Ensemble, a collective of Musicians from around the world connected through music, poetry,
culture and deep friendship.
“Ansan” in Persian means “The Other Way“.
True to this name, the music of Ansan Ensemble is
unique and has influences from Persian poetry,
Israeli-Iranian Music, Indian classical shades and all
this with a twist of rock, blues and Jazz.
The core group of the ensemble is led by Siamak Moghadam,
a Berlin based Setar-Daf artist/composer with Iranian roots.
He is also the director of the Ensemble. 
On the Oud and bass is Doron Furman, a master musician
that works with many musicians in Berlin.
On the Indian flute is Dr. Vijay Kannan, a Composer and musician based out of India living in Berlin,
who in his non-Music time is also an Electrical Engineer. 
Matan Goldstein from Israel, the expert percussionist makes the Music of Ansan dance with his groove.
Matan is also a producer and composes music for
theatre and Movies.
I invite you to listen to the magic of Hafiz, Rumi, Bidel and other great Persian poets like you have
never heard never before! 

Ansan Ensemble – we are the other way!!

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