Mimi Mitina

Mimi Mitina is a singer-songwriter and a ukulele player based in Berlin. 

Since her childhood she was trained to become a professional opera singer, so after finishing music school she entered the Music Academy in Kiev to pursue that path. But after the political tragedies 2014 she was forced to stop her education and move to Munich. Unfortunately Mimi couldn’t continue her singing studies there, and had to requalify herself to study something else – history of art. But even though it wasn’t on a professional level, Mimi never stopped singing and making music. 

In 2019 Mimi moved to Berlin to start her career as a Singer-Songwriter. Since then she performs covers and original songs with her ukulele, most of the time in a company of a guitar or/and percussion. Her songs consider a big range of vibes and moods, from slow rainy-days-songs, to the happy energetic indie-pop. Also Mimi’s cover repertoire is full of huge variaty of songs for any occasion or event.

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