The Chee-Awai Project is a cult band.
The group was formed in Berlin in 2019 when William Chee-Awai, Juan Borgatti and Matan Goldstein met at Little Stage in Summer 2019.
When they perform live together, they combine acoustic guitars with a cajon to create an interesting
psychedelic ambience with violins by Dana,
addicting grooves, and existential lyrics.
The group performed extensively as a trio on small
bar stages in Berlin prior to the pandemic.
They also played weekly shows as the host band for
Chee-Awai and Goldsteins Open Mic Nic Night
at Little Stage.
The Chee-Awai Project released their debut
single Summer Rain on all platforms in May, and
organize bi weekly performances in an undisclosed
location in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
The Chee-Awai Project lets the music speak for itself. 

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